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Poperings Hommelbier Limited Edition (2023) 7.5%, Leroy Breweries, Belgium
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Poperings Hommelbier Limited Edition (2023)
7.5% Belgian Ale
The Hommel Fresh Harvest is a unique variant of the classic Poperings Hommelbier. This limited edition is brewed with wet hop cones to enjoy the typical hop character in Hommelbier even more. This beer opens with a subtle hop aroma and ends with the refreshing bitterness and fruity touches of hops from Poperinge.
IBU : 38
Non filtrée


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Lionel D
2 months ago

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Arnald D
3 months ago
Poperings Hommelbier Limited Edition (2023), Belgium

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Vianney F
1 year ago

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Louis R
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