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Celestial Imperial Kviek Stout 10.0%, Wander Beyond Brewing, England
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Celestial Imperial Kviek Stout
10.0% Imperial Stout
Lervig are renowned as one of the best breweries in the world and we got together and designed something big and dark with a twist. We've brewed a straight imperial stout called Celestial with a light roastiness and fermented using Norwegian Voss kveik yeast. This beer was allowed to ferment very hot and has produced gentle citrus notes to compliment the chocolate and coffee flavours of the base beer. We've always loved the other-worldly vibes from Lervig's artwork, so get lost in a vast sea or sky of heavenly stout. It's no coincidence that 'celestial' also means 'supremely good'. Size: 440ml


Post author: Whaddya drink of that!?
Whaddya drink of that!?
9 months ago
Bold roast coffee nose to it Coffee, earthy flavours coming through with chocolate notes. Not a very sweet stout which is a nice change. Long lasting flavour to it Beautiful

Post author: Paul G
Paul G
11 months ago
Celestial Imperial Kviek Stout, England
Jet black brown colour and opaque, it did have a large golden brown head initially but it's completely disappeared leaving a port like surface. Aromas of big roast and yeast and ruby element like red wine or port. This brew is quite thin and smooth with full body and medium long finish. It's odd to have a Imperial stout that's not blasting you with an adjunct, that's because of those I've had recently. This Celestial brew, collaboration with Lervig, isn't so crude, it's more of a traditional stout, the chocolate is there but not sweet like a milk stout or boosted via vanilla. The ruby element I mentioned earlier is probably the beer "hot brew" treatment bringing a citrus hoppy edge. It has some complexity to it albeit in a subdued way, you have to look past the deep roast that's typical for an imperial. The finish is where the greeny lies and leaves this brew light in the end. Let me remind you it's 10% ABV. That said, you won't escape the extreme malts, so yes that means a yeasty marmite tinge. Again though, this isn't as marmite-like as Holy Goat's Goblin Cleaver.