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Going Yard 6.5%, J. Wakefield Brewing, United States
1 ratings
Going Yard
6.5% New England IPA / Hazy IPA


Post author: Mr X
Mr X
@ C J's Doghouse
2 years ago
Going Yard, United States
This is a really strange beer. It’s supposed to be a hazy. You can see it’s quite dark. Hazy???? Maybe a little dark cloudy??? I don’t know what to say but hazy, no. So, let’s get weirder. The taste is malty, fruity and quite sweet. On top of that it not even a really good taste. I could get more detailed on the taste but it is not worth spending time on. Even worse is this was $7 for a can. What a waste of $. Overall it tasted good enough that it wasn’t a drain pour is my only accolade. This shouldn’t even be listed as a hazy IPA. They need a category of a fraud IPA added to this app for this one.