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Oliver's Fine Perry - Wild Fermented Rolling Blend 6.0%, Oliver's Cider & Perry, England
1 ratings
Oliver's Fine Perry - Wild Fermented Rolling Blend
6.0% Perry / Pear Cider


Post author: AtomicDucks
@ The Duck and Rocket
7 months ago
Oliver's Fine Perry - Wild Fermented Rolling Blend, England
330ml clear glass, crown cap; pours a brilliant clear light to medium straw, petillant, white head when pouring which disappears quickly; on the nose complex, yet clean, floral and fruity notes, melon and honey, followed by rich and satisfying ripe pear aroma, some funk reminding of horse blankets and hay; in the mouth velvety smooth mouthfeel greets you with a sharp and cutting lemony or perhaps rhubarb acidity, followed by beautiful rounded residual sweetness, fruit and zippy, balanced and round, and all that with a light and bright body, what more could one ask for?, overall mistakenly one of Tom Oliver's masterpieces, you'll find pears and apples, melon and floral notes, phenolics and residual sugar.... damn it's good! 'nuff said!