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Cookies 'N Cream 'N Pumpkin Spice 'N Cappuccino 12.0%, Evil Twin Brewing, United States
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Cookies 'N Cream 'N Pumpkin Spice 'N Cappuccino
12.0% Imperial Flavoured Stout / Imperial Pastry Stout
’Tis the season for warm cappuccino’s, cookies, and everything pumpkin. Roasty, toasty, and spiced.


Post author: Saka
@ Evil Twin Brewing - NYC DUMBO
2 months ago
Cookies 'N Cream 'N Pumpkin Spice 'N Cappuccino, United States
Kaikki maut löytyy huhuh mikä paketti…

Post author: Edgeworth
@ Blackstone Pub & Eatery
1 year ago
Cookies 'N Cream 'N Pumpkin Spice 'N Cappuccino, United States
International Stout day requires that I have a curious Evil Twin brew. A lot of flavors and a lot of punch in this one. Even though it was poured on tap several feet away, it still seems like syrup entering the glass. No head whatsoever. Filled to the rim so no chance to swirl it. Soon as it hit my lips the heaviness and syrupy texture was intense. More like ice cream syrup than beer. Super sweet, spiced pumpkin was the initial revelation. And boozy, very boozy. No hiding the alcohol here. The cookies and cream is there but softly in the background. The middle and finish reveals just a little of the bittersweet, chocolate cappuccino flavor but you almost have to search for it. The flavor overall is excellent but once in awhile you experience a beer that seems like it would be better if it were actually watered down a little. So thick and heavy and so strong in flavor and alcohol it seems like you're drinking a concentrate that was never diluted properly. I wish I could take the second half of this glass home and pour it over some vanilla ice cream.