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Gouden Carolus Indulgence 2021 - Anno 1521 8.5%, Brouwerij Het Anker, Belgium
2 arviota
Gouden Carolus Indulgence 2021 - Anno 1521
8.5% Belgian Strong Ale
Gouden Carolus Indulgence is a limited series of beers brewed every year with varying content. Anno 1521 is the 7th taste expression released under this label. This 'Anker' version of the famous strong blond ale style pays festive tribute to Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor, who grew up in Mechelen. In 1521, exactly 500 years ago, he introduced the gold ‘Carolus guilder’ in his empire. The Mechelen speciality beer ‘Gouden Carolus’ has taken its name from this imperial coin since 1959. Anno 1521 is a golden blond speciality beer characterised by a smooth hop bitterness balanced with subtle hints of almonds and hazelnuts leading to a dry, full-bodied finish. A festive beer to be served richly, like liquid gold!
IBU: 30


Post author: Esko K
Esko K
@ Brasserie Het Anker
9 months ago
Gouden Carolus Indulgence 2021 - Anno 1521, Belgium
Nyt on menty sekoilemaan yhdistämällä lambicia ja souria - eikä siitä hyvää seuraa! En ole hapanten ystävä, joten en valitettavasti pysty kehumaan tätä. Ehkä joku voi tykätä, mutta minun tastingissa tuhosin ensimmäisenä pois jaloista.

Post author: La Drab
La Drab
1 year ago