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Valkiria Alter Beer 4.3%, Sulimar - Browar Cornelius, Poland
7 ratings
Valkiria Alter Beer
4.3% Witbier
Yellow color, clearly turbid. White foam, fine and abundant just after pouring. The very clear aroma, dominated by the coriander, also contains slightly citrus accents, mainly orange. In sweet taste, with a clear aftertaste of coriander, citrus is also present, as well as in aroma. You can also find delicate banana-dainty accents.


Post author: Juan M
Juan M
2 years ago

Post author: Juan M
Juan M
3 years ago

Post author: este
@ Zabka - local shop
6 years ago
Valkiria Alter Beer, Poland
#2 - Second beer by my Polish trip from January... Belgian Wit beer from local shop 😉 Maybe this is long way for VALKIRIA - alter beer series ( Sulimar Brewery) to follow great Belgian classics but is cheap as Hell and still drinkable. Cost me 3.5 Polish zloty = £0.68 for 0.5l. Lovely lemon colour, cloudy as typical Belgian wit. Aroma dominated by coriander of course and citrus. Taste from coriander and little bit of bananas on background with average bitterness. For me... price for that class of beer 🍻 yes... well done!

Post author: Konrad S
Konrad S
7 years ago

Post author: Henry W
Henry W
7 years ago