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Particle Physics / Partical Physics 5.5%, Equilibrium Brewery, United States
2 ratings
Particle Physics / Partical Physics
5.5% New England IPA / Hazy IPA


Post author: WexiLahti
@ Au Coin Mousse
2 months ago
Particle Physics / Partical Physics, United States
Now the second sample. Hazy, deep yellow beer with a snow-white lacing that grows half a finger tall. Soon the foamy lid melts to a gossamer lace ring only. The scent is difficult to assess: first, I'm getting pineapple but there's something else that is first not so straightforward. After some time, I associate its remotely stale nuance with papaya. Fresh orange and lemon for sure, too. The gustatory universe is zesty but not an overwhelming fruit punch. I can recognize lemon zest, pineapple flesh and bit of fresh grass. Not very complex but adequately refreshing for sure. The body is thin. Not even light but thin. Wtf? Yes, thin it is. At the end of the experience, my tastebuds pick bitter versions of pineapple, lemon and also moderate grapefruit zest, why not also a bit of pith. Zesty but not exactly juicy though. The mouthfeel is thin, zesty, refreshing, sessionable and, hence, quaffable. Clean, as well. While the first Equilibrium was a star, this one is just there, not spectacular in my opinion.

Post author: Susan
4 months ago