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Epic Saison 5.0%, Wild Beer, England
50 ratings
Epic Saison
5.0% Saison / Farmhouse Ale
On the nose, the hops deliver a big splash of tropical fruit, followed by ripples of well-seasoned spiciness. In the mouth a tangy, bittersweet fruitiness holds sway, while tangerines tap dance their way across the tongue in the finish.


Post author: Sam Williams
Sam Williams
@ Lodge Farm
3 years ago
Epic Saison, England
It's OK not a huge fan

Post author: Christian K
Christian K
@ Croisée de Joux, L'Abbaye Suisse
3 years ago
Epic Saison, England
On dirait presque de la barrique chêne, dans les saveurs complexes en bouche. Amertume moyenne.

Post author: Maistelija97
@ Honest Brew
3 years ago
Epic Saison, England
Pirun raikas, kuvauksensa mukainen. Paljon kaikkee, mutta ei huonolla tavalla 👍🏻

Post author: jhd
4 years ago

Post author: BigSniffy
4 years ago
Epic Saison, England
I’ve had great beers from this brewery....... & this is no different. They sure know their stuff. It pours a hazy yellow colour with an almost bubble bath head to it. There’s a hoppy bitter aroma (yes yes...) but with a fruity yet almost (dare I say it) farmyard aroma. It’s got a great taste. There’s tropical fruit hidden under Belgium yeasty goodness. It’s a great example of what a farmhouse saison should be but turned right up to 11.

Post author: Gaz J
Gaz J
4 years ago

Post author: Cody S
Cody S
4 years ago

Post author: Ian P
Ian P
4 years ago
Nice complex flavours just not reay my sort of beer.

Post author: Dan W
Dan W
4 years ago
Very pleasant beer, slightly earthy taste but not overpowering

Post author: Daniel A
Daniel A
4 years ago