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durana fruits rouges 4.8%, Brasserie Les Monts D'Auvergne, France
4 ratings
durana fruits rouges
4.8% Fruit / Vegetable Beer


Post author: Cana D
Cana D
20 days ago
Fort en fruit rouge et fort goût d'amertume en fin de bouche pas très agréable pour mon palais.

Post author: Rémy G
Rémy G
3 months ago

Post author: AtomicDucks
@ L'estive
4 months ago
330ml brown glass, crown cap; pours a slightly hazy, very light dark pink to light red, white head, looser larger bubbles; on the nose fruity and juicy, red berries and cherries, bubblegum and red currants, slightly dry aromas, yet satisfyingly full; in the mouth herbal and bitter, followed by oodles of red berries and sweet red cherries, intense bubblegum flavours follow, reminding of sweet childhood memories, gentle carbonation carries flavours well into the lingering dry aftertaste, some acidity follows sharply and rounds the beer nicely off; overall a rather lovely and interesting brew with a huge nod to the brewery’s and the beer’s terroir - but then it’s French and it shows beautifully - try and see for yourself!

Post author: Christophe63
@ Intermarché Issoire
5 months ago