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Smouldering Genome of Sahti: Smoked Beech + Smoked Wheat + Caramel 9.2%, Teva Brew, Finland
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Smouldering Genome of Sahti: Smoked Beech + Smoked Wheat + Caramel
9.2% Sahti / Kodiõlu / Gotlandsdricke


Post author: WexiLahti
@ Teva Brew
9 months ago
Smouldering Genome of Sahti: Smoked Beech + Smoked Wheat + Caramel, Finland
Now some Sahti! From our own homebrewery, of course. 🍺 We used small bundles of two types of smoked malt as well as a little of caramel malt. This is now three weeks old. The Sahti looks relatively cloudy, deep rusty. Probably marginally paler than most of our previous Sahtis. No carbonation, and just a negligible ring of bubbles for two seconds. Then still. Attractive medium-sweet overripe banana is the first component that my olfactory organ captures. A modest smoky hint can also be spotted in the scent. Distant biscuit, sweet bun and a proposal of raisin complete the list at this stage. The taste profile is rather sweet, actually a bit sweeter than most of our previous Sahtis if I remember correct. Sweet-leaning banana, some dried apricot, lemon waffle, timid biscuit and a sigh of orange peel can be picked in the gustatory identity. Tiny injections of caramel, toffee and juniper should be included in the breakdown. Smoke is almost impossible to detect in the palate but when I try hard enough, I find it there. Or imagine. Alcohol doesn't go entirely camouflaged, which is no surprise since this is the highest-ABV Sahti (9.2 %) we have ever produced. The twist of alcohol is truly moderate though and gives no unwanted sensation. The body is medium-full. Pretty much the same package continues to the end as before. Alcohol raises its head a bit but remains well within the manageable limits. And the aftertaste's smouldering a low light for you to see, are you still looking out for it? The mouthfeel is rather full, lip-glueing, medium-deep, remotely smoky and a bit layered. It's still quite traditional, slightly heavy as well as warming. Haa, this is intriguing! I'm glad that this brew succeeded well! 🤎🤎