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NZ Saison 5.7%, UnBarred Brewery, England
1 ratings
NZ Saison
5.7% Saison / Farmhouse Ale
We've brewed a classic continental style with a modern twist with our pals at Drop Project using some of our favourite New Zealand hops and inspiration provided by the great outdoors! Bold & bright tropical notes of pineapple and stone fruits combined with the refreshing citrus character of grapefruit, lime zest and tangerine oil are the results from the blend of punchy Riwaka & Motueka hops which have been further enriched with Nectaron. Fruity esters with a light spice are achieved by a blend of French and Belgium yeast strains creating a full flavoured and sessionable 5.7% Saison.


Post author: Paul G
Paul G
@ UnBarred Brewery & Taproom Brighton
1 year ago
NZ Saison, England
Golden pale hue with a slight haze and very much visible carbonation and fair head retention. Light and bright on the nose with a surprisingly citrusy and tropical aroma including smells of grapefruit, passionfruit, lime, pineapple and orange blossom. Very low sourness on this Saison, I'd say basically none, instead it swings more toward an IPA. Light and thin mouthfeel with medium body and a medium length oily finish. A sour tang does develop but remains slight and serves the citrus forward presentation of this brew. Pink grapefruit is the most prominent for me in fact its comparable to fresh grapefruit juice. The oiliness from the Riwaka hops make this very silky and leaves layers of hops on the tongue. Light and refreshing yet with some heft with the medium body and 5.7% ABV. All the saisons I've had previously have had much more pronounced sourness and I've heard that is more of an English thing. I don't know, I've yet to have an actual Belgian Saison so I can't judge exactly how the OG style 'should' be, I just know I like them. It's both fruity and hoppy with good balance and the farmhouse wheaty, yeasty, malty ending accompanying the bergamot-like oil is pleasing.