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Peanut Butter Man 8.0%, Naked River Brewing Co, United States
1 ratings
Peanut Butter Man
8.0% Porter


Post author: Edgeworth
@ Naked River Brewing
7 months ago
Peanut Butter Man, United States
Stopping in Chattanooga at Naked River Brewing with my son and grandson and I are on the way to the Ocoee to go white water rafting. Very kind staff here at the brewery. Took me on a tour through the vats, don't normally give tours. Explained to me that the Peanut Butter Man was a mistake. Started with the wrong chocolate and then salvaged it by drastically changing the ingredients to be added. Came up with this new beer. Great inside information Dark brown color but not opaque. Can see through it but very hazy. This is crazy, I actually can smell the Cocoa Puffs that they put in it. Milk chocolate, tons of peanut butter, and strangely enough, Cocoa Puffs is a distinctive and unique flavor that is definitely present. The addition of Nesquik chocolate is also something from my childhood that shows up. Great salvage on a mistake beer.