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Durana Blanche 4.8%, Brasserie Les Monts D'Auvergne, France
14 ratings
Durana Blanche
4.8% Witbier


Post author: Flavien G
Flavien G
1 month ago

Post author: Rémy G
Rémy G
3 months ago

Post author: AtomicDucks
@ Azur Sancy
4 months ago
Durana Blanche, France
330ml brown glass, crown cap; pours a slightly hazy light straw, white pillowy head, lacing present, sediment in the bottle; on the nose yeast forward, slight li u complex with notes of spicy cloves and sweet creamy banana, herbal notes combined with lemony citrus; in the mouth refreshingly citrusy, hi ting and lemon and lime zest, grapefruit peel and citrus pith, banana sweetness and herbal bitterness balance well and create a light bodied yet full mouthfeel, satisfying with yeasty notes bitter grapefruit juice; overall highly recommended if you just cycled to a bar roughly 1400m high

Post author: AtomicDucks
@ Le Panthéon
5 months ago
Durana Blanche, France
330ml brown glass, crown cap; pours a light hazy medium straw, white mousse like head, lacing present; on the nose citrusy character, yeast forward, orange notes and herbal hints; in the mouth refreshing carbonation lifts lemon and coriander notes, herbaceous backdrop to a fresh, zippy and fruity fruit bowl, creamy banana and hints of spicy yeast; overall a beautiful example of a very local Blanche! Highly recommended

Post author: Spiroux E
Spiroux E
5 months ago

Post author: Christophe63
@ Intercave
5 months ago

Post author: Le Démon de la Bière
Le Démon de la Bière
5 months ago
Durana Blanche, France
Je m'attendais au pire et finalement, un goût de céréales pas désagréable avec une amertume prononcée pour le style. Ça reste rafraîchissant !

Post author: Dam's
5 months ago
Bière blanche amère c'est assez intéressant et rafraîchissant

Post author: Lacroix A
Lacroix A
5 months ago
Durana Blanche, France
Légère et fraîche 😎

Post author: Fabien T
Fabien T
6 months ago
Excellente ! Fraîche, parfumée, légèrement amère, on a l’impression de boire l’eau de source des montagnes. 🍺🤍🇫🇷⛰