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Zenne y Frontera (Season 20/21) Blend No. 56 8.1%, Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen, Belgium
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Zenne y Frontera (Season 20/21) Blend No. 56
8.1% Lambic - Unblended / Traditional


Post author: orson
@ Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen Webshop
1 year ago
Zenne y Frontera (Season 20/21) Blend No. 56, Belgium
..... and now something really special for me 😋 This is one of my favourite breweries in the world! And this beer is also very special. This is a blend of traditional lambics that matured on old authentic sherry casks. Rare and spectacular beer. This iteration of Zenne y Frontera is a Josefa Pérez Oloroso Blend. Bottling date is 23/06/21. Aroma is so good; oak, sherry, plum, raisins and aroma is also quite sweet. Mouthfeel is not sweet, it's very dry. It's rich, dry, balanced, acidic but still so smooth and very, very tasty. I can taste oak, leather, apple, sherry, raisins, tartness and acid. This leaves very smooth, dry and long aftertaste that has sherry and woody taste. I love this beer so much. Thank you 3 Fonteinen! And yes! I almost forgot. This was the beer I choose to be my number 6000 here in Pint Please. So kippis to everyone 🍻