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Hayzee 6.6%, UnBarred Brewery, England
1 ratings
6.6% New England IPA / Hazy IPA
Our collaboration with Exale Brewing is out and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on it. When we met Exale the style of our collaboration was an easy one to choose, straight away we both knew we wanted to make a full-on hazy number. The concept was to achieve a New England IPA showcasing the best of two loud and big-hitting hops. Hayzee combines wheat, oats and pale malts for an exceptionally soft mouthfeel and luscious body in a 6.6% New England IPA. Pungent notes of Mango, lychee and citrus fruits coupled with a light herbal character and dank undertones from the experimental combination of Idaho 7 & HBC, 586.


Post author: Paul G
Paul G
@ UnBarred Brewery & Taproom Brighton
2 years ago
Hayzee, England
Very pale and very hazy with a fresh hoppy and citrus aroma. I'm not sure if I've had an Exale beer before but I can see how they do via this collaboration with Unbarred. I've had Idaho 7 several times and HBC 586 a few times, both of which are herby fresh hops...less fruit than your Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic etc they're but dank, drinkable flavourful hops. Very soft in the mouth with medium to full body. 6.6% ain't no session beer that's for sure and it has the body of a dipa. Compared to the 50/50 Berliner Weiss & mango juice brew I had recently this is a 'proper' beer. Hoppy hops, not a breakfast juice! Slight resinous herby finish that fades fairly quickly ready for you to sip again. I do prefer them juicier than this, that being said your not hit by an overwhelming hop fest like a couple Deyas I've had recently or Unbarred's dank juice. Those have resinous lingering finishes suggesting you stop and contemplate! You do get light mango, stone fruit and citrus fruits flavours via the hops lead. The nose, the mouthfeel, the body and the flavour all wrapped up makes for a pleasurable brew. The more you drink of it the more the hops stays with you. I might not want a second can of this straight after or a third 2/3 pint if I were out sessioning, instead I may prefer a change. Although, if you twisted my arm, I wouldn't say no as it's undeniably a quality beer!