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Pulse Peach 5.5%, Siri Investments Ltd., Zambia
1 ratings
Pulse Peach
5.5% Mixed Drink


Post author: WexiLahti
@ Cheers Supermarket
2 years ago
Pulse Peach, Zambia
Now another flavor to the glass: peach flavored Pulse. I see immediately on the label the same texts as in the blackberry edition, therefore, I don't expect anything natural here. The drink looks very much like watermelon juice. I guess the color is called 'coral'. This is indeed fully cloudy. Controlled carbonation again, and a moderate bubbly layer follows. Interestingly, the reasonably dense lace ring stays alive for quite some time. The nose picks fruit winegum: however, instead of peach, I find nectarine, accompanied by sweet apple, pear and a wisp of banana. Equally candy-like in comparing to the previous drink. The tastebuds receive sweet flavors: it's a mixture of nectarine, peach and pear. Sweet and sugary, for sure, but leaves also a modest drying sensation on the tongue. The mouthfeel is light, somewhat sappy, unfortunately again also synthetic as well as slightly drying. Nevertheless, can't win the blackberry version.