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Pulse Blackberry 5.5%, Siri Investments Ltd., Zambia
1 ratings
Pulse Blackberry
5.5% Mixed Drink


Post author: WexiLahti
@ Cheers Supermarket
2 years ago
Pulse Blackberry, Zambia
The local πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡² beer selection is so limited that I have to move to other drinks and other countries. There are still beers to taste but their availability seems to be a challenge. The next three are what I found in a bigger supermarket β€” not impressive at all. Well, at least the drink wears an intriguing, very deep dark boysenberry purple dress. I guess it's basically lucid but the dark color prevents from seeing through it. Carbonation is well-placed and builds a rushed modest lacing that dies quickly away. The nose gets sweet blackberry and purple grape winegum. Truly candy-like. There we go. I have to check the label for the ingredients, and yes indeed, this contains only "natural flavors" but not blackberry. If it was real juice, I guess the label would then indicate that there's blackberry or blackberry juice in the drink. Now it only talks about "flavors". I can't tell what it means but the fragrance is, to be honest, rather artificial. The taste gives blackberry juice but also some sweeter boysenberry juice. A sweet segment is obvious and not very modest. Therefore, the same winegummy punch hovers all over my mouth as in the air. The mouthfeel is light, candy-like, sappy, a bit synthetic but not to the level of being disastrous. Despite sweetness, this is manageable. It should still be remembered that this is supposed to be blended with vodka or some other strong alcohol and not be enjoyed straight like I'm doing now. Still, my assessment is on this Mixed Drink as it is and not how I imagine the people would enjoy it.