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Dry Pale Ale 5.0%, Copper Bell Brewing Co., Zambia
3 ratings
Dry Pale Ale
5.0% Pale Ale - International


Post author: Risto K
Risto K
1 year ago

Post author: Santeri Endman
Santeri Endman
1 year ago
Miedon makuinen ipa, lähes kuin joltakulta olisi tipahtanut humalaa vappusiman joukkoon. Sameasta väristään huolimatta ei kovin täyteläinen.

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Wan Jia Supermarket
2 years ago
Dry Pale Ale, Zambia
Hazy, pale orange beer with oppressed carbonation pushes up a white, small-bubbled head that exceeds one finger. Retention is short as the lacing dwindles to a gossamer ring on the top. Orange zest, pineapple, a small amount of mandarin juice and a twist of biscuit signal their presence to my nose. Hmmm... juicy and canned-fruity for sure. Nevertheless, I wonder what the word "Dry" in the name refers to as this is not even modestly dry in any respect. Let's see if the gustatory profile can bridge that gap or not. I sip. Oh well. It can't. Disappointment. The flavors include relatively lofty orange zest, canned mandarin, apricot, a hint of mango as well as faint pineapple. There are still interesting vibes of caramel malt and raisin that are hard to imagine that they would really belong to the package. I mean belong intentionally. The hoppy sigh is citrusy, definitely nothing "dry" like hop pellet, grass, pine or resin. Misleading name. The body is light to light-medium. The finish is fruity, citrusy but lends also some more tropical waves to the tastebuds. Still not dry. Not even dryish. Africa is the aftertaste's own motherland, fashioned with and blessed by God's good hand. The mouthfeel is light-medium, juicy, ripe and slightly jam-like. Uninspiring, lackluster and misses the point.