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Lite Weissbier 4.5%, Copper Bell Brewing Co., Zambia
1 ratings
Lite Weissbier
4.5% Witbier


Post author: WexiLahti
@ Wan Jia Supermarket
2 years ago
Lite Weissbier, Zambia
Turbid, yellow beer with overwhelming carbonation unlocks a ridiculously massive head that rockets up to five fingers. The froth would overpour out of the glass were I not vigilant. Long retention sustains a protective cap for long. The nose picks typical fruity elements like hefty orange pulp, a bit of mandarin, some fresh lemon, faint banana and maybe even a suggestion of dried apricot. The wheaty backbone supports the fruit sector firmly. The tastebuds love the soft caressing flavors that bring bags of fruits to the table. I'm picking especially sweet-leaning orange and mandarin, not sure which comes first though. The medley is both juicy and pulpy. Lemon retreats somewhat to the background but still offers its pithy nuance. Apricot is absent but banana lurks in the shadows, in a bit overripe, even fermenting form. Wheat malt and a tad sweeter bun constitute the malty segment. The body is light-medium, which surprises me at 4.5 %. The finish drops immediately the sweeter citruses on the road and takes forward only the bitterish lemon pith. Equally so, the wheat is now wheat, a bit floury, and not like tasty bun. The aftertaste blesses the rains down in Africa, gonna take some time to do the things it never had. The mouthfeel is almost medium, soft, smooth and springly. It's also juicy, moderately pulpy and effervescent big time — the powerful carbonation is actually the biggest weakness of this brew. Not sure, however, if it's a flaw in the brewing process or age since I can't verify the best before date. With more obedient carbonation, this would get a high rating.