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Distant Call 6.5%, North Brewing Co., England
24 arviota
Distant Call
6.5% New England IPA / Hazy IPA
A soft and full bodied New England ipa, loaded with juicy and rounded tropical stone fruit and a pithy zesty flavour.


Post author: Mike C
Mike C
@ Asda North Hykeham
3 days ago
Distant Call, England

Post author: Dartford Dave
Dartford Dave
@ Asda Supermarket Bexleyheath
3 months ago
Distant Call, England
Citrusy and juicy. Easy drinking, enjoyable NEIPA.

Post author: Steve M
Steve M
3 months ago

Post author: Andy M
Andy M
@ Asda Newmains
4 months ago
Distant Call, England
All I'm getting from this is zesty citrus and it's incredibly fizzy.

Post author: James A
James A
@ Tesco Extra Yate
7 months ago
Distant Call, England
Yeah this is pretty good actually. Juicy and citrusy up front, then bitter hoppiness and a satisfying tropical stone fruit flavour to finish.

Post author: James Š
James Š
@ Asda Walmart Havant
9 months ago
Distant Call, England
Easy drinking considering it’s strength. Citrus led and very juicy. Dankness coming through, with a nice prickly hop bite and hint of bitterness. Limes, grapefruit pith, pomelo and a delicate creaminess…

Post author: Herwab
@ Chez herwab
1 year ago
Bonne découverte, on est sur une bière avec des notes fruitées , tropicaux avec une fin un peu résineuse et sèche mais bien équilibrée..

Post author: Max L
Max L
@ Arras
1 year ago
Distant Call, England
Bonne petite NEIPA avec ses notes sèches et légèrement boisées. Facile à boire et rafraîchissante.

Post author: A C Breezy
A C Breezy
1 year ago
Distant Call, England

Post author: Jero
@ Bier-Bier
2 years ago
Hieman savuinen jälkimaku neipassa ei miellytä.