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Its Going To Be Now 6.2%, DEYA, England
4 ratings
Its Going To Be Now
6.2% New England IPA / Hazy IPA
This is an IPA brewed with crystal and wheat malt for a sweet edge and soft texture. Hopped with loral for orange and boiled candy aroma and Chinook and citra for lemon, grapefruit and pine.


Post author: Mac
2 years ago
Its Going To Be Now, England

Post author: David L
David L
@ The Crafty Tap
2 years ago
Its Going To Be Now, England
Oaty , citrusy , and stone fruits on the nose as to be expected. Good levels of carbonation on the mouthfeel coupled with that standard deya pillowy mouthfeel from their wonderful yeast and oat content. It has the colour of a mango concentrate but deya arent wankers and they havent added shit to this but fantastic quality hops and expert knowledge to make this a well balanced india pale ale.

Post author: Dartford Dave
Dartford Dave
@ Beer Merchants
2 years ago
Its Going To Be Now, England
Hazy golden coloured with a white head. Fruity aromas and flavours. Another good Deya beer.

Post author: Paul G
Paul G
@ Deya
2 years ago
Its Going To Be Now, England
Gorgeous hazy straw appearance orange blossom and lemon on the nose, maybe even orange soda like tango! Silky smooth and soft mouthfeel with medium body via 6.2 abv. Deya advertise this beer as having crystal and wheat malt for a sweet edge and this is no lie, orange soda and/or sweets come to mind. Lingering flavours of orange, lemon, yuzu, grapefruit, tangerine...a citrus delight! I feel like two or three of these would be too much like downing too many sweets. The resinous hops totally engulfed with said flavours already feels like your mouth is chock a block with sweets. The battle of lemon Vs orange blossom is conclusively won by lemon, Im a fan of citrus fruits so I like it. I'm also a fan of resinous hops that coat your tongue to constantly remind you what you've just gulped down. It's not really a big, full on New England juice fest...more of a new eng and west coast party where new eng is represented five fold. That is to say there is a west coast pine presence and having sharp citrus with the pine and more emphasis on malt than 100% new England supports this. It's nice, though maybe too sweet n sharp for a repeating session. It would probably benefit from being served decidedly cold to help soft the blow.