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Antalia 4.2%, Park Gıda, Turkey
2 betyg
4.2% Amber Lager / Vienna Lager


Post author: Hellehl
1 year ago

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Antalya Duty Free, Antalya Airport / Terminal 1
2 years ago
Antalia, Turkey
Another and my last 🇹🇷 beer. End of false morel picking. Not an impressive catch this time. The beer is, again, enjoyed straight from the bottle. The scent offers hefty malt, bread and a pinch of caramel. The tastebuds receive copious Pale Lager flavors: malt, bread and cracker. The hoppy side is moderate but not hidden. There's a faint caramelly amendment but it's really modest and somewhat bitter. Overall, easy and flavorful. The body is light-medium. The finish is bready and malty, in this order. The end takes its time in the mouth. The mouthfeel offers a bit of fullness but it's overall relatively light. It's also a tad frothy, smooth, moderately drying and flavorful.