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Vieille Piece 2018 9.9%, Brasserie de La Pièce, Switzerland
1 Bewertungen
Vieille Piece 2018
9.9% Sour / Wild Ale


Post author: WexiLahti
2 years ago
Vieille Piece 2018, Switzerland
Beer 4/4. Vintage 2018. Carries a misty, deep amber color. A thick creamy head grows one finger tall. This beer is really proud of its extraordinarily long retention as the foamy cap is sustained and seems to never die. (Well, eventually it's gone.) The fragrance offers sour cherry, balsamico and Sherry barrel aromas. Maybe also a wisp of dark plum. The tastebuds enjoy massive sour flavors like fruit wine, also a smaller injection of red wine, very sour strawberry, sour peach, wheat malt and copious barrel nuances. Oaky for sure. Interesting it is. The body is light-medium to medium. Maybe at the lower end of the spectrum though. The finish carries extraordinarily sour flavors to the very end but doesn't really alter the composition. The mouthfeel is substantially tart, puckering, vinous and absolutely barrel aged. It's also acidic and dry as well as drying. Challenging and edgy but enjoyable. Solid.