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German Hefeweizen 5.5%, Flat Branch Pub & Brewing, United States
1 ratings
German Hefeweizen
5.5% Hefeweizen
This brew is in the German Hefeweizen style, fermented using a yeast strain from a lesser known German brewery, which produces banana flavor notes along with very subtle vanilla and clove notes. The grain bill is 50% wheat and 50% malted barley which makes a light colored beer with minimal malt flavor. Hopping is low with no bitterness in the finish. The yeast remains in suspension, making for a cloudy appearance and adding a touch of flavor.


Post author: Edgeworth
@ Flat Branch Pub & Brewing
11 months ago
German Hefeweizen, United States
Past post from July 8th 2021 First time in Columbia Missouri trying the beers at Flat Branch Pub and Brewing. First beer on a flight of six. On tap at 4.8% instead of 5.5% on their website. Beautiful presentation glasses. Light yellow clear color with effervescence. Smooth creamy texture. Medium flavor of mild cloves. Finish is smooth, a touch of bitterness, and very drinkable.