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Val De Rance Granny Smith 4.0%, Les Celliers Associés, France
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Val De Rance Granny Smith
4.0% Apple Cider


Post author: Topi La
Topi La
@ K-Citymarket Tammisto
6 months ago

Post author: Molusk
@ Monument café
9 months ago
Val De Rance Granny Smith, France
Bon cidre au large du Pyla

Post author: Kinnune
@ K-Citymarket Päiväranta Kuopio
2 years ago
Val De Rance Granny Smith, France
Ihan jees, hieman kirpsakka siideri. Maistuu oikealle omenalle, eikä ole liian kuiva. Hieman sellainen makeahkon valkoviinin suuntainen.

Post author: AtomicDucks
2 years ago
Val De Rance Granny Smith, France
750ml clear glass; pours a crystal clear honey to straw, light carbonation; on the nose full of sweet fruity apples, ghosts of cooked or stewed apples, lemon notes; in the mouth, acid led, fruity sweetness, not cloying at all, zesty green apples mingle with lemony citrus character, zippy acidity balances really well with full fruitiness and apple character, carbonations lifts the aromas and flavours and creates a refreshing lower ABV cider; overall a fantastic S.V. cidre which showcases the fruit splendidly - if you like Granny Smith apples, this is the cider for you: lightly acidic, lively on the palette, bursting with green apples!

Post author: Sylvain B
Sylvain B
2 years ago