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Fordham Copperhead 4.7%, Fordham Brewing Company (Coastal Brewing Co), United States
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Fordham Copperhead
4.7% Altbier
Copperhead Ale is a copper colored German-style Altbier, with a light, malty sweetness and a pronounced hop flavor. Alt is the German word for old, referring to the older style of ale brewing. Altbier is Germany’s pale ale. Copperhead Ale is top-fermented, making it an ale and it has a medium body. It has hints of maltiness and hoppiness in its aroma, with a definite hop flavor and a medium hop bitterness. Altbier is predominately brewed in the northern part of Germany, especially Dusseldorf and gets its "sweet roast" flavor and copper color from caramunich malts.


Post author: Beer Hunter
Beer Hunter
4 years ago
Fordham Copperhead, United States

Post author: Mr X
Mr X
6 years ago
Fordham Copperhead, United States
Has a fairly strong caramel / toffee with a light bready malt taste. Very good for the style.

Post author: whitebuildings
@ Arsenal Wine
7 years ago
Malty and piney with a bittersweet finish. Alright

Post author: Ben J
Ben J
7 years ago