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PARTY! Cask Hopfenweisse 7th Birthday 4.8%, Cloudwater Brew Co., England
3 ratings
PARTY! Cask Hopfenweisse 7th Birthday
4.8% Wheat Beer / Wheat Ale
Hopfenweisse has become a real celebratory style for us. Not only because it was vital to our early work in pushing the boundaries of hop-forward beer but also as a signifier of our love for both traditional beer culture and the energy of modern brewing. So it couldn't be a more fitting beer to charge your glass with as we raise a toast to seven years. Dry-hopped with one of our favourite hop combinations, it's rich with notes of lime, pineapple, coconut and banana, beautifully complimenting the smooth, creamy body.


Post author: Jonny B
Jonny B
7 months ago

Post author: Metpol
@ The Shipwreck Brewhouse
7 months ago
PARTY! Cask Hopfenweisse 7th Birthday, England
Nice wheat beer. Very refreshing. Would be great in summer on a hot day.

Post author: Steve T
Steve T
9 months ago