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2021 Pumpkinator 12.6%, Saint Arnold Brewing Company, United States
1 arviota
2021 Pumpkinator
12.6% Imperial Flavoured Stout / Imperial Pastry Stout
After letting our GABF gold medal winning Imperial Pumpkin Stout rest in Bourbon barrels for over a year, we laced it with Madagascar vanilla for an extra layer of sweets and inviting flavor. The result is a lavish ale with mellowed spices, complex malt character, and balanced bourbon barrel notes. Enjoy now at 50° f or warmer or age cold.


Post author: Edgeworth
@ Allen's Cave
2 years ago
2021 Pumpkinator, United States
Having this during Super Bowl LXI with my son and family. This is the 2021 version of the Pumpkinator that I have enjoyed in previous seasons. Small head, opaque brown color. Texture is thinner than I remember in previous years. Older versions had a flavor that was so intense it was difficult to enjoy. This one's a little milder but still extremely strong. Very sweet, a raw molasses, very intense alcohol. Roasted malt with light notes of pumpkin puree added. Finish brings forth spices and ends with an alcohol burn. Better than previous years but not for the weak of heart. Still believe this would be better if not quite as powerful.