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Quadruvium 6.5%, Brasserie l'Apaisée, Switzerland
5 notes
6.5% Sour / Wild Ale


Post author: Dylan M
Dylan M
4 months ago

Post author: WexiLahti
@ La Jonquille
5 months ago
Quadruvium, Switzerland
Flight 4/4. This sample is entirely translucent, brilliant amber. The most prominent carbonation of the four, and the silky head lingers long on the top. The olfactory provision is surely wheaty. The yeasty offer is interesting. And intriguing: like moderately wild. There's also a floral note, perhaps a suggestion of jasmin. The tongue receives sour grape, lemon pulp, sour clementine and lactic acid. The grape note is a unique amendment here. Wheat malt in the grainbill for sure. I like this! The body is light. The aftertaste is shorter than that of the other three, perhaps medium duration or alike. The mouthfeel is light minus, extraordinarily zesty, pulpy, acidic, tart and a bit puckering. Not too generic, has a bit of personality. Nice.

Post author: Vincent V
Vincent V
2 years ago

Post author: Dominique R
Dominique R
@ Impasse des Cerisiers, Bellerive VD
2 years ago
Au nez spécial, acidulé, on sent déjà le barrique. En bouche acidulé, cidre. En fin de bouche côté salé.

Post author: Christian K
Christian K
@ Impasse des Cerisiers, Bellerive VD
2 years ago
Quadruvium, Switzerland
Acidulée, goûteuse, nez « jambon »…longue et rafraîchissante.