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Bello 7.0%, Beak Brewery, England
9 ratings
7.0% Pale Ale - New England
Inspired by some of our favourite authentic New-England style IPAs, this beer was brewed with a sweet and sturdy base of oats and Vienna malt before being layered with multiple hot and cold-side additions of Idaho-7, Bru-1 and Citra hops. Pulpy, dank and saturated with flavours of orange and pineapple.


Post author: Roywenk
@ The Bishops Arms, Luleå
9 months ago
Utmärkt, gärna igen

Post author: Mac
11 months ago
Bello, England

Post author: Johan B
Johan B
@ Glasbanken
1 year ago
Bello, England
Aroma: Quite dank. Piney, green, citrusy. Stone fruits underneath. Taste: Juicy, soft. Stone fruits, citrus, pine, pineapple. Nice mouthfeel. Beak has become one of my favourite breweries this year.

Post author: Ckrikor Ska
Ckrikor Ska
@ Organisation des Burgers Reunis
1 year ago
Bello, England
Trop chère 9€ qu’il se le mette au cul avec leur Brexit

Post author: Eridan P
Eridan P
1 year ago
Bello, England
Plutôt fan du design de cette Brasserie anglaise, et pour le moment jamais déçu par le contenu, une IPA qui tire vers le côté New England. Du corps, de l'amertume modéré et un goût de fruits au top !

Post author: Karl G
Karl G
@ Beak brewery
1 year ago
Bello, England
This is a bit weird as it’s piney on the front and then caramel/toffee on the finish. Very strange - enjoyable with a hit of fruity flavours but not what was expected.

Post author: Vincent L
Vincent L
1 year ago

Post author: Oww_maxy
@ Liquiderie Bar
1 year ago
Bello, England
Une neipa pas mal, assez amère et plutôt forte.

Post author: Gavin W
Gavin W
1 year ago