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Tropical Mist 5.1%, Pure Project, United States
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Tropical Mist
5.1% Golden Ale / Blond Ale
Inspired by our roots in Costa Rica watching the post-rain mist rolling off the jungle. Tropical Mist is a Blonde Ale built on a base of organic malt from Admiral Maltings in Alameda, CA, which is then fermented with our house Murky yeast. Crushed organic Valencia oranges from Lodge Ranch Organics give this brew a super refreshing finish, made for sipping slowly in the San Diego sunshine.


Post author: Sharp
7 months ago

Post author: Grey
2 years ago
Tropical Mist, United States
BEER: Tropical Mist BREWERY: Pure Project Brewing BEER STYLE: Blonde Ale COUNTRY: USA ABV.: 5.1% COLOUR (EBC): Golden Straw Yellow (9.0) BITTERS (EBU/IBU): - AROMA: Zesty, bready, spicy. HEAD: Creamy, one and a half finger tall. GREY’S VIEW Blonde Ale built w/ Pure Project Murky Yeast & Valencia Oranges. Taste has hazy misty tropic grown hay, lots of bright oranges, zesty lemons, witbier styled peppery and overall zesty-malty-bright goings with crispy white dryed bread and more spicys. Body is medium+ with tangy lemony bite, the feel is entirely hazy and plenty in all. Feels almost thick. Aftertaste continues the mainflavours. OTHER NOTES: It’s exactly as fun as I wished for, bit more witbier-ish, but funny nevertheless. That murky yeast is clear part of this and damn well presented; to me, it works perfectly, making this a hybrid of styles. Really nice. CANNED 3/11/2021 TASTED 9/2/2022