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Honey Toasted Oats 4.6%, Edmund's Oast, United States
1 ratings
Honey Toasted Oats
4.6% Golden Ale / Blond Ale
Blond ale brewed with honey and lactose


Post author: Mr X
Mr X
9 months ago
Honey Toasted Oats, United States
You definitely pick up the honey and lactose in this one giving it a nice sweet taste. It’s also very lightly floral that leans towards lavender mainly. Toasted oats doesn’t present itself until partially the way thru. It’s needs to be stepped up a bit as it is barely there. I guess I was expecting more given the name. Overall a blonde ale with some different flavor to it. Pretty tasty. The golf on TV is at Hilton Head SC right near my recent vacation. I was right where they were playing at the lighthouse/harbor. I wish I could go back given it is a chilly Easter Sunday here.