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Just One Thing... Nelson! 8.7%, Green Cheek Beer Co., United States
2 arviota
Just One Thing... Nelson!
8.7% New England DIPA / Hazy Imperial IPA
The first in a series of beers highlighting the extremes of one single hop variety, double dry hopped to overload the senses with all of what it is. Using our freshie lot of hand selected 2020 Nelson from the homies @freestylefarms , this beer hits with a flavor profile of ripe guava, NZ Sauv Blanc, and Cotton Candy.


Post author: WexiLahti
@ Green Cheek Beer Co.
2 years ago
Just One Thing... Nelson!, United States
Juice time!! 🍊🥭🍍🍋 The beer pours beautiful! Haze is obvious. The color resembles pineapple pulp. Awesome. Carbonation kicks out an off-white, airy head that exceeds one finger's height. Retention is long as the sustained dense lacing wafts on the surface attractively. Citrusy aromas disperse in the air: I can pick especially lemon pulp and zippy yuzu. Both are extremely zesty. Pineapple and super raw green gooseberry feature in the background. Strong grass characterizes the hoppy sphere. A bit dank. The taste profile echoes colossal hop pellet, hefty grassy and much less pronounced piney notes. Lemon zest, grapefruit peel, carambola and a whisper of pineapple dance attractively on the tongue. I'm missing grape here... Oat biscuit has obviously been smashed among the hop blur to form a crunchy bed for the medley. Raw and thick but no hop burn. The body is relatively full. Good job for 8.7 %. The finish is exactly identical to the earlier flavor cocktail. The aftertaste is a dreamer who never gives up. The mouthfeel is relatively full, thick, juicy, moderately dank, crisp, somewhat dry and surely drying. It's raw and a bit husky, would probably benefit from a couple of more weeks in a fridge. Who knows.

Post author: Grey
2 years ago
Just One Thing... Nelson!, United States
BEER: Just One Thing... Nelson BREWERY: Green Cheek Beer Co. BEER STYLE: NEDIPA COUNTRY: USA ABV.: 8.7% COLOUR (EBC): - (-) BITTERS (EBU/IBU): - AROMA: - HEAD: - GREY’S VIEW Nelson Sauvin Single Hop DDH NEDIPA. No review this time. Focus still in the music. So nice, so damn nice. OTHER NOTES: Yeah. There’s quite a few songs to go through here and I love it! CANNED 13/12/2021 TASTED 4/2/2022