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Shrubby 7.9%, Outer Range Brewing Co., United States
2 ratings
7.9% New England DIPA / Hazy Imperial IPA
Shrubby Double IPA Hops: Columbus • Hallertau • Citra Tasting Notes: White Wine • Dank • Blueberry.


Post author: Paron1
@ De BierTonne
11 months ago
Shrubby, United States
Panimon oluet näköjään menee samaa rataa. Alkuun hieman valju mutta paranee juodessa ja lasin ollessa tyhjä toivoisi toisen samanlaisen. Maukas dipa siis.

Post author: Grey
@ Beergium Webshop
1 year ago
Shrubby, United States
BEER: Shrubby BREWERY: Outer Range Brewing Co. BEER STYLE: DIPA COUNTRY: USA ABV.: 7.9% COLOUR (EBC): Juicy Yellow (13.0) BITTERS (EBU/IBU): - AROMA: Needs to warm up. Dry white grapes, earth, black pepper and dry herbs. HEAD: Swift, one finger tall. Airy and large bubbled. GREY’S VIEW Columbus, Citra & Hallertau hopped DIPA. Taste is refreshingly diverse. Lemon peel dances well with those dry white grapes while a bunch of sage stays in the shadows. It has notable spicyness to it (peppers, more of dry herbs, sundried wild flowers) which are delight to have. Body is under medium with steady ride from carbonations. Looks like it’s all about those hops, and that’s quite okay, since I like how this resembles well those dry white wine characteristics, just as I wished. Aftertaste has dry lavender, white peppers, solid bitters with more dry herbs in the end. OTHER NOTES: White wine sort of piece. Quite spicy and with this body, it gets there with some stumbling, but it gets there. Dry, natural and quite fun anyway. CANNED ??/?? TASTED 17/1/2022