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Double Milk Stout 10.5%, Left Hand Brewing, United States
2 ratings
Double Milk Stout
10.5% Milk Stout / Sweet Stout
Our classic Milk Stout richly reimagined in four different ways. Decadent notes of milk chocolate, roasted coffee, brown sugar and vanilla cream.


Post author: chigui
@ Dos Robles
1 year ago
Double Milk Stout, United States

Post author: Edgeworth
@ Allen's Cave
2 years ago
Double Milk Stout, United States
At my son's house to watch the Alabama vs Cincinnati semi-final football game. Everybody's heart is racing for this matchup. This is part of the Left Hand Milk Box. Took their basic milk stout and added four different flavors. Not sure how they got it from 6% to 10.5%. Deep brown color with a medium high tan head. Chocolate cake aroma. Texture not is thick as I was expecting but still exceedingly soft. Chocolate dominant flavor that is covering up the 10.5% alcohol. Chocolate reminds me of a moist devil's food cake. This very sweet and strong milk chocolate flows right through the finish. Good addition to this milk stout.