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Old Guardian - Oak Smoked 2013 11.4%, Stone Brewing (Sapporo Breweries), United States
2 ratings
Old Guardian - Oak Smoked 2013
11.4% Barley Wine


Post author: Mightykoala
6 years ago
Old Guardian - Oak Smoked 2013, United States
Meripihkan värinen, utuinen olut ohuella valkoisella vaahdolla. Tuoksussa on makeutta, kuivaa hedelmää ja savua. Olut on täyteläinen, makea, pehmeä ja kuiva. Mausta löytyy savua, alkoholia, kuivaa hedelmää, marjaisuutta, karamellia ja mallasta. Baarin kellarista löytyi tällainen. Todella upea bw, missä laaja makumaailma. (4+5+4+12+16=42) 4,2

Post author: Sam S
Sam S
8 years ago
Old Guardian - Oak Smoked 2013, United States
The colour (trying to include these in my reviews from now on) is amber, quite a resemblance to red wine. The aroma is smokey, with some sweetness and malts (barley?) The mouthfeel is very heavy with the malts kicking in pretty quick. Following up with the taste which has some dark fruits like plums, raisins. Also some caramel sweetness, but it is only a hint since the flavour is quickly dominated with some smoked oak and wood. The oak barrel is present in the taste offering an earthy flavour. The taste develops into dryness and bitterness in the end with some liquorice hovering there also, and the aftertaste is longlasting bitterness and dryness. The best barley wine I have yet tasted. Have only tasted 4 of these so far so don't expect me to review this as an everyday Imperial stout