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loic raison cidre rubis 6.0%, Cidrerie Loïc Raison, France
4 ratings
loic raison cidre rubis
6.0% Apple Cider


Post author: Benoit V
Benoit V
6 months ago

Post author: AtomicDucks
8 months ago
loic raison cidre rubis, France
750ml green glass, coated matt black; on the nose strawberries and red currants, clean and champagne like notes; in the mouth gentle sweetness, but with enough acidity and tannins to not appear cloying, red berries, fresh strawberries, which invite cooked or stewed apple notes towards the finish, hints of red grapes in the short aftertaste; overall a gentle almost delicate clean cidre which hides is moderate ABV well, zippy citrus acidity mingling with rounded ripe strawberry sweetness, backed up by a dry tannic character

Post author: Romain L
Romain L
9 months ago
loic raison cidre rubis, France

Post author: Yohann B
Yohann B
1 year ago
loic raison cidre rubis, France