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Continuance (Blend #1) 15.0%, Side Project Brewing, United States
4 ratings
Continuance (Blend #1)
15.0% American Strong Ale
Continuance is our series of blended Imperial Stouts, Barleywines and other Spirit Barrel-Aged beers. These beers rested in their barrels of Willett 4 year Bourbon, Willett 8 year Bourbon, Buffalo Trace, BLiS Maple Bourbon and Rittenhouse Rye for 32 to 50 months. Our final blend consists of the recipes for: - M.J.K. – a Barrel-Aged English Barleywine - Anabasis – a Barrel-Aged American Barleywine - Omega – a Barrel-Aged Stout brewed for Derivation and Beer : Barrel : Time blending - Vibes – a Barrel-Aged Stout brewed for Derivation and Beer : Barrel : Time blending - D5 – a Barrel-Aged Stout for Derivation blending - …(ellipses) – a Barrel-Aged Stout for Derivation and Beer : Barrel: Time blending


Post author: Ewiq
4 months ago
Continuance (Blend #1), United States
Tasting. Iso ja legendaarinen olut ei pettänyt millään osa-alueella.

Post author: muikku3
@ Side Project Brewing
4 months ago
Continuance (Blend #1), United States
Bottlesharen #3olut ja tämä oli varaoluena itselleni 2k olueksi.Nyt se pääsi hyvään tarkoitukseen myös ka pääsee useampi jantteri maistamaan. On kyllä moninainen ja pitkälle ulottuva.Voimakas ja samalla pehmeä. Ihana blendi 🥰🍻🤌

Post author: Grey
@ Side Project Brewing
1 year ago
Continuance (Blend #1), United States
Here´s a celebration beer for the next chapter with my personal endeavors in life. There´s more than a few exceptionally positive things that have come across me in the near past, so I really need to slow down for a while and let it all just sink in. I´m so, so happy. Here's the celebration beer for these amazing times. BEER: Continuance (Blend #1) BREWERY: Side Project Brewing BEER STYLE: American Strong Ale (BA) COUNTRY: USA ABV.: 15.0% COLOUR (EBC): Pitch Black (100.0) BITTERS (EBU/IBU): - AROMA: Lots of Bourbon. Clean minerals, chocolate confectionary, agile kicking rye, somewhat graceful vanilla with overall clean and clear presentation. HEAD: One finger tall, dark brown head with mixed set of bubbles. Dissepates quickly, leaving no traces behind it. GREY’S VIEW Blend of multiple Barley WInes (45.3%) & Imperial Stouts (54.7%). Aged in Willet Rye, Buffalo Trace & Rittenhouse Rye Bourbon Barrels with BliS Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup giving its parts to this blend too. Yeah. Sounds grand. But let’s have a go with it. First sip. Ok. Taste is deep, opening up decently quick and in beautiful layers. It really has depth to it. Taste is all around pure. Bourbon barrels are strong, yet the base is carrying them and everything else easily … and propably with smile in its face. I get vanilla chocolate cookies, agile and good variety of malts, delightfully pure minerals which also works perfectly with the rye. Maple syrup is slow in presentation, but firm part of the being once it has introduced oneself; nicely sweet~ish, icky-sticky syrupy, brown sugary and, well, solid part of the beer. Rye has strong role in this one, although maybe not the mainpart, but it’s really important in supporting part. At least. As the taste evolves, also nuances of rosewater, licorice root, dark drybread and dry saunawood rises to palate. It’s so pure and supreme in all. Mouth settles on the medium-light side. With all these minerals and wood it’s no wonder. Bubbles are minimal sized while the being is firm, but so piningly swift. Bourbon has multiple levels in this. The basebeers are well in place in handling them all so that the end product here is a massively pure and exceptionally balanced, A True, American Strong Ale. Yeah. This is. Side Project. OTHER NOTES: Absolute beauty. Light in body and massive in taste. Perfected with barrels. What else to say? Oh, indeed; Cheers to all and everything! On to the next chapter! ❤️ 🎧 Neil Young - Rockin’ In The Free World BOTTLED 3/2020 TASTED 10/12/2021