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Everything Is Possible 7.0%, Green Cheek Beer Co., United States
1 ratings
Everything Is Possible
7.0% New England IPA / Hazy IPA
Hazy IPA that goes heavy on the Citra & light on the Idaho 7, 7.0% abv Anyway, as we continue to explore process and ingredients more and more, we feel that same “everything is possible” feeling when it comes to these beers. Easily our best work within the hazy IPA style, this beer explodes with hops in such a fun, fruit-forward way, that gets us even more excited to keep exploring. Old fashioned oats, and raw winter white wheat hold it all together, with our hand selected Citra taking center stage, and a bit of Idaho 7 sprinkled in for a lovely richness that helps add depth. Flavor profile? Ripe Mango with sticky rice, magnolia blossoms, Orange Tang, and rainbow snow cones.


Post author: Grey
@ Green Cheek Beer Co.
2 years ago
Everything Is Possible, United States
BEER: Everything Is Possible BREWERY: Green Cheek Beer Co. BEER STYLE: NEIPA COUNTRY: USA ABV.: 7.0% COLOUR (EBC): Lemon Juice Yellow (11.0) BITTERS (EBU/IBU): - AROMA: mmmmHoppy. Ripe melons with lemon juice and dry sugarcaney. Dryishly tropical, yet really soft. HEAD: Airy and large bubbled. Leaves webby tracing behind it. Peaks at four finger height so be careful with the pour. GREY’S VIEW NEIPA w/ Citra & Idaho 7. M-m-mm. Ok, it has ripe cantaloupe base with pineapple mash, drops of lemonjuice, dryish canesugar and that…what was the name of it…that… eh, maybe I mix ”that something” with that canesugar (or then I meant reed). Taste develops only a little; giving peeled oranges, watermelons and tiny piece from pitay at the backend. OTHER NOTES: Tropical smooth and surprizingly giving for this sized NEIPA. Hazy AF and really fresh and refreshing. CANNED 29/9/2021 TASTED 7/12/2021