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Slim Hazy 4.1%, Peak Organic Brewing Co., United States
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Slim Hazy
4.1% New England IPA / Hazy IPA


Post author: Mr X
Mr X
@ North Penn Beverage
7 months ago
Slim Hazy, United States
This has a citrusy taste that leans towards grapefruit and lemon. Has some very light pine. Has a nice light bitterness to it. At this point for a low carb / low cal beer I’d say it is a 4 giving how flavorful it is. The problem for me is the aftertaste. It has a garlicky/chalky, kind of stale, taste to it. It’s a little off putting to me.

Post author: Jani S
Jani S
@ The Craft Beer Club
1 year ago

Post author: Jason A
Jason A
@ Caloroso
3 years ago