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Keisari Joulu Savulager 5.0%, Nokian Panimo, Finland
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Keisari Joulu Savulager
5.0% Dark Lager
Débloquez l’autocollant Nokian Panimo en notant n’importe quelle bière de la brasserie dans l’application Pint Please !
Keisari Joulu 5,0 % on tumma savumaltainen lager, joka on tummanruskea, täyteläinen, keskiasteisesti humaloitu, savuinen ja hennon kahvinen jouluolut.
IBU : 25
Houblon : Columbus, Perle
Malts : Caramel 100, Chocolate, Munich, Smoked


Post author: Arto
@ K-Supermarket Joutsa
2 months ago
Positiivinen yllätys. Maukas, pehmeän maltainen ja kivan savuinen maku. Ei nyt missään nimessä Schlenkerlan veroista, mutta oikein hyvä suoritus!

Post author: WexiLahti
@ K-Citymarket Sello
3 months ago
Keisari Joulu Savulager, Finland
A leftover Xmas beer, bb April 20. Heavily discounted in a supermarket. My expectations are low, to be honest, but we'll see. Transparent mahogany beer with limited carbonation gives a latte-hued moussy head that barely reaches one finger. The foamy lid melts fast to a hair-thin ring on the surface. The nose picks brownie, dark chocolate and a wisp of smoke. Maybe faint caramel, as well. So far, not bad. The palate offers smoked malt, caramel, dark chocolate, brown sugar and a hint of black tea. Decent for sure, even pleasant. The level of attraction increases significantly for the little price I paid. The body is light. The finish doesn't change much from the actual taste but the smokiness becomes slightly bigger at this stage. Last Christmas, I gave you my heart but the very next day, you gave it away; this year, to save me from tears, I'll give it to the aftertaste special. The mouthfeel is light, wintry, roasty, moderately smoked and nicely balanced. A reasonable beer in its own right. I'm positively surprised. The label is soooo meh.

Post author: HalakoMikko
@ K-Supermarket Knuutilankangas
3 months ago

Post author: Jouko V
Jouko V
4 months ago

Post author: Jani L
Jani L
4 months ago

Post author: Olli
@ Prisma Kaari Kannelmäki
4 months ago
Keisari Joulu Savulager, Finland
Hapan, savuinen. Liian voimakas. En niin tykkää

Post author: Lassi L
Lassi L
4 months ago

Post author: Iso-Vimman mallaskettu
Iso-Vimman mallaskettu
@ Paikkaa ei tarvitse ilmoittaa!
5 months ago
Keisari Joulu Savulager, Finland
Hyvä karamellinen taustajumputus. Ei maistunut Vantaa eikä Lahti.

Post author: Kalle E
Kalle E
5 months ago

Post author: Jussi
6 months ago
Keisari Joulu Savulager, Finland
Ei täysin tumma. Karamellinen tuoksu. Maltainen, mämminen, makeahko. Kevyt savuisuus. Kotona tapaksille jees.