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B2F Belgian Ale 7.0%, Birrificio Due Fusti (B2F), Switzerland
1 ratings
B2F Belgian Ale
7.0% Belgian Ale


Post author: WexiLahti
@ Drinks of the World, Geneva
3 years ago
B2F Belgian Ale, Switzerland
The beer colors turbid, deep copper. Carbonation is introvert and creates a silky, off-white head that falls short of one finger. Retention is a tad weak but the lace ring refuses to die anywhere. The nose enjoys moderate elements of wheat biscuit, malt crackers, apricot peel and a suggestion of yellow sultana. Overall, slightly sweet-bending. Nice. The tongue receives astonishingly arrogant alcohol. This is, nevertheless, not more than 7.0 %. Fermented banana follows right on the footsteps of the alcohol. Sweet malt, wheat biscuit, apricot peel, lemon rind, faint raisin and a punch of yeast should be added to the list. Ethanol renders this unfortunate tangy. The body is light-medium. The finish doesn't make the experience any more approachable, tanginess escorts the tastebuds to the very end. The aftertaste gets disappointed of the unwelcoming flavors for a while. The mouthfeel is medium-thick, nectar-like, alcoholic and sharp. It's also lip-glueing. Not to my taste. The rest pours down in the sink.