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Stay Hydrate³: enhanced 6.0%, The Veil Brewing Co., United States
3 ratings
Stay Hydrate³: enhanced
6.0% India Pale Ale


Post author: Mark S
Mark S
6 months ago
Stay Hydrate³: enhanced, United States
Another triple hopped from The Veil. Poured like a thick juice and left a light orange body, deep with cloudy haze and only trace white head. Aroma is like pungent fermented mango with dry stonefruit on the finish. In the mouth it is very heavy and juicy and leaves a foamy residue. The taste is an incredible collision of juicy mango with dry stonefruit. Plenty of peach and apricot taking the reigns, then leaves an incredibly dry finish.

Post author: Mika
7 months ago

Post author: Lasis
@ Drikbeer
1 year ago
Stay Hydrate³: enhanced, United States
Samea, keltainen. Valkeat vaahdot. Tuoksu humalaa ja sitrusta. Maku kuiva, hapan sitruksinen. Neulasta, humalaa, hedelmää, appelsiinia ja greippiä. Miellyttävä olut.