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El Gran Pepinillo 5.8%, Hopfusion, United States
1 ratings
El Gran Pepinillo
5.8% Pale Lager
El Gran Pepinillo Pickle & Pepper Lager 5.8% ABV 12 IBU Lager infused with Best Maid pickles and chili arbol peppers. A refreshing and spicy kick to the traditional light lager. Fort Worth's ORIGINAL Pickle Beer! 2020 Bronze Medal - International Brewski Awards


Post author: Edgeworth
@ San Antonio Beer Festival 2021
1 year ago
El Gran Pepinillo, United States
At the 2021 San Antonio Beer Festival with my son-in-law. Daddy said we have crying out a pickle logger. Some of these beers are starting to get very exotic. Light yellow color, almost no effervescence. Wow! Those pickles come at you fast along with the burn of the chili peppers. This beer is actually burning my mouth. Aroma was nothing but pickle juice and peppers and even that burned my tonsils. I'm pouring this one out.