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Jormungandr 9.0%, Galveston Bay Beer Co, United States
1 ratings
9.0% Baltic Porter
Jörmungandr, the World Serpent that encircles the world in Norse mythology. An enemy of Thor, their mutual deaths would be one of the heralding events of the end of existence. This baltic porter was aged in Railean Rum barrels for extra complexity and strength. SKOL!


Post author: Edgeworth
@ Galveston Bay Brewing
3 years ago
Jormungandr, United States
With my son-in-law at Galveston Bay Brewing. Bartender says we need to try this rum barrel aged beer. Very dark and deep red color but not opaque. Strong, very strong rum aroma. Very light texture. Strong rum flavor with intense dark fruit, dates seems the principal flavor. Finish turns a little on the sour fruit side but this is still an excellent beer.