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Oktoberfest 5.8%, Good People Brewing Company, United States
2 ratings
5.8% Oktoberfest / Märzen


Post author: Edgeworth
@ Ray's Cave
3 months ago
Oktoberfest, United States
Going through my inventory of chalice glasses today. Had this a year ago, gave it a bad rating. Maybe I was a little harsh. I'll give it another chance while watching Texas A&M playing Miami. For my son-in-law only, Go Aggies! Color is an orange yellow and very hazy, no particulates. Most Oktoberfest aren't hazy so this is unique for me. Very faint Amber aroma. Flavor intensity is mild. Roasted malt, hints of caramel that gives it a touch of sweetness. A mild bitter tartness gives it a somewhat citrus characteristic. Finish adds biscuit while elevating the citrus bitterness. Still don't particularly like this beer. I miss my Marzen flavor. But it's probably better than the 2.1 I gave it before.

Post author: Edgeworth
@ Allen's Cave
1 year ago
Oktoberfest, United States
Short but frothy thick totally white head. Light orange color with some haze. Flavor is unusual in that it has no Marzen, most American Octoberfests do. Not necessary just different. Flavor is mild in strength. Taste is faintly citrus, faintly earthy, throw in a touch of roasted malt, end it all with some hop bitterness, faintly of course. Never had anything quite like this. Dislike saying this because it's a good local brewery but, I don't like it. Still prefer my Octoberfest the American way with Marzen flavor.