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Stingy Jack's Puimcín Ale, Lyonsmith Brewing Company, United States
1 ratings
Stingy Jack's Puimcín Ale
Pumpkin Ale
Stingy Jack tricked the Devil when he came to collect Jack’s soul. He asked the Devil to take him out for one more night of drinking on the Devil’s dime. When the time came to pay the tab Satan turned into a coin, which Jack scooped up and put in his pocket with a cross, trapping him. When Jack demanded that he never be sent to Hell, Satan tricked him back cursing him to walk forever with a carved gourd lantern leading others to Hell. He was Jack-o’-the-lantern. Just in time for All- Hollows Eve, comes this amazing Brown Ale brewed with pumpkin (that’s puimcin to you Celts!). The squash adds an awesome, rich mouthfeel and unique taste to this malty Brown.


Post author: Christopher B
Christopher B
@ The Green Rooms
6 years ago