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Pirate Life Hazy IPA 6.0%, Pirate Life (AB Inbev), Australia
3 ratings
Pirate Life Hazy IPA
6.0% New England IPA / Hazy IPA
So apparently you don't have to filter an IPA... who would have thought?! Expect a luminous yellow hue, thanks to a blend of premium malts. Hop additions in the whirlpool and late ferment supply the fruit, while a persistent haze adds complexity to every sip. The nose is packed with mango, peach and mandarin. On the palate, passionfruit, low bitterness and a bright, cleansing mouthfeel.


Post author: Satan4u
10 months ago

Post author: JP Visée
JP Visée
1 year ago
Pirate Life is know for putting out some good beers. Unfortunately their Hazy IPA is not one of them. Not much on the nose and lacking body and complexity of flavours through the pallet. Just found it weak and lacking the thick, complex, full flavoured traits of a well brewed Hazy.

Post author: Ville-Markus P
Ville-Markus P
1 year ago