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Double Stacking Cash 8.9%, J. Wakefield Brewing, United States
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Double Stacking Cash
8.9% New England DIPA / Hazy Imperial IPA


Post author: Grey
@ Ø
2 years ago
Double Stacking Cash, United States
BEER: Double Stacking Cash BREWERY: J.Wakefield Brewing x BlackStack Brewing BEER STYLE: NEDIPA COUNTRY: USA ABV.: 8.9% COLOUR (EBC): Orange Juice Yellow (14.0) BITTERS (EBU/IBU): - AROMA: Floral with dank berries. Quite deep. HEAD: Fluffy and damn swift. GREY’S VIEW DDH DIPA w/ Cashmere etc. (?). First wave presents pure green grass with some dry grass and a hint of fruit hay. Yeeap! And god damnit! *smacks forehead*! Body is light and swift. There’s plenty of hops used in this piece; that hop oily feel is there. Dry hops are well dosed as they give that slight feel of them, without taking over the main palate. OTHER NOTES: Okay. It’s a grassy, buttery, well dry hopped DIPA. I’m actually looking forward to meet the other J.Wakefield brews from the set. CANNED 29/7/2021 TASTED 28/8/2021